Welcome to The 100 Diet.

There are no fancy gimmicks here. No complex formulas to remember. No calories to count. Only 2 questions you need to ask yourself before you eat anything. “Was this food available 100 years ago, and if not, was the technology available to make this 100 years ago?” When you answer no to both of these questions, you will know that this food is not to be eaten. It’s that simple.

There is a bit more to The 100 Diet than just those 2 questions. We have broken down which foods to eat and how often, what foods to avoid, and what recommended food group is now equivalent to poison that you must never touch. Oh, and what foods you can eat virtually all day long without consequences to help feelings of hunger or in-between meal cravings. To learn more, check out our FAQ’s, Blog, Forums, and Read the Book based on The 100 Diet, “Lose Fat: The Fastest and Safest Proven Way that Works for Everybody.”

Jorge Cruise’s Book “The 100”

The new diet that has been featured nationally can be found HERE.