The 100 Diet is a simple to follow plan that isn’t confusing and actually allows you to eat certain foods as often as you want during the day, thereby preventing cravings or feelings of hunger. When The 100 Diet is followed for recommended types of food to eat on a daily and weekly basis, you will no longer need to take any type of extra vitamins or supplements to meet all of your recommended daily allowances. In fact, by eating everything you are recommended, you will far exceed many governmental recommended numbers.

This no-nonsense diet will melt pounds off of you in a very short amount of time in a completely healthy and safe manner. For additional information, check the FAQ’s and blog for questions that may have already been addressed. If you want to follow The 100 Diet, you may visit our bookstore HERE and purchase our guide “Lose Fat: The Safest and Fastest Proven Way that Works for Everybody.” This book goes into depth on how to eat properly for nutrition and what foods to avoid at all costs. Get your copy today and start losing stubborn fat that seems to never go away.